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At SISK Healthcare, we provide tailored decontamination and infection prevention solutions to suit your industry needs. From the smallest of enclosures to the largest of warehouses, our qualified and highly skilled sales specialists and on-site engineers provide a customised service to enable you to provide a safe operational environment.


Our extensive range of decontamination products can provide reassurance to your business by efficiently eliminating traces of bacteria, viruses, and pollutants, helping you re-open and operate with more confidence. 



We understand that every business is unique, encompassing variations in operations, equipment setup, workflows, floorplans and customer journeys. A 'one size fits all' solution simply won't work.

Our decontamination team will work with you to understand your businesses infection prevention needs and budget. We will then develop bespoke solutions which will measurably reduce the rate of infection and cross-contamination throughout your premises. 


We've been providing decontamination solutions that eliminate and reduce cross-contamination within the hospital environment for over the last 25 years.


Through our combination of innovative technologies, research-based evidence, and hands-on approach, we can offer a seamless experience from needs analysis through to solution design and product delivery. 

All this, delivered through our team of experts in sales, operations, engineering and marketing that will support you on your journey to a safer working environment. 



Thanks for submitting, a member of our team will be in touch shortly to see how we can assist you on your journey.

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