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  • Extraoral Dental Vacuum System

    VacStation reduces the risk associated with airborne particulates and pathogens present in an aerosol spray which is an inherent part of dental care. The aerosol emerging from the mouth of the patient consists of splashes of the spray mist rebound and droplets containing cooling water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. This mixture presents a high risk of infection. 


    VacStation reduces the risk of infection and purifies the air using a multi-level filtration system (HEPA, high fibre cotton filter, activated carbon +KMnO4+Ceramsite filter+2nd HEPA 13), and UV-C light. This system effectively traps viruses and germs >0.3 μm with over 99.97% efficiency, including mercury vapor.


    The freely moveable arm offers ease of access and the suction cup can be positioned at virtually any angle required. It is lighter than metal arms present in other units. The system also has no joints, so there is no risk of joints getting loose and no sharp bends that hinder airflow, resulting in significant noise reduction.


    VacStation stops the spread of virus, dust and other substances in dental treatments such as high-speed drilling, dental laser, electrosurge procedures and more.

  • Model VacStation
    Voltage AC220V/50Hz
    Maximum Suction Power 3000Pa (10 levels adjustment)
    Maximum Volume 3.7m3/Min
    Noise Decibel 62db
    Weight 21kg
    Dimensions 53cm*46cm*60cm