Price on Application 


  • SteriPro UV-C Disinfection Technology kills Coronavirus and 99% of all pathogens on all hard surfaces up to and beyond 6 metres in each direction. SteriPro’ s sensors automatically determine the room size and advise the necessary duration of each disinfection cycle.


    Manual cleaning and chemical disinfection leave less than 50 % of rooms adequately clean but SteriPro will guarantee hospital grade disinfection reducing the risk of spreading and contracting viruses indoors.


    SteriPro can be immediately integrated into your disinfection processes as it is remotely operated via tablet and smart app. The UV-C Robot will enable the resumption of pre Coronavirus activity while guaranteeing a safer working environment providing peace of mind for customers and staff.


    The Robot can be placed in a single position to reach and disinfect the entire room, floor to ceiling. Our expandable system enables better angle of radiation and can reach all high-touch surfaces in a single disinfection cycle.


  • SteriPro UV-C disinfection works as the Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength - at around 254nm - condenses the organisms sterile.


    Wavelengths in the UV-C range are particularly harmful to cells because they are absorbed by proteins, RNA, and DNA. Mercury vapor lamps consists of 95% of the energy at a wavelength of 253.7nm, which is coincidentally so close to the DNA absorption peak (260-265nm) that it has a high germicidal effectiveness.