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HEPA Sentinel

  • The HEPA Sentinel unit provides the best quality of air within Healthcare environments. The presence of airborne pathogen and opportunist microorganisms represent a risk of Hospital Acquired Infections, in particular for immunocompromised patients.


    Air contamination is due to the presence of microorganisms and aerosolised particles that can carry them. Air treatment units can reduce particles load when they have high quality filtration efficiency.


    Some of them can also reduce microbiological and chemical contamination whilst others can destroy the microorganisms trapped in the filters. In addition to efficiency, level of noise and ease of use are also important features to consider.


    Principle of HEPA-MD™ technology:

    A 4 stages reactor

    • Destroys micro-organisms.


    • Filters particles with very high efficiency.


    • Eliminates oxidant chemical molecules.


    • Adsorbs Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • HEPA Sentinel: Filtration Compact Unit


    • Small footprint.


    •  Easy to move.


    • Performance: ISO 7.


    • Flow rate: up to 1 200 m 3/ h.


    • Filtration: H14.


    • Quiet.



    Air quality in hospitals: A standard regulated area


    All Air In Space units are ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.