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Aviva Stadium Introduces Viruskiller Technology.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

As Covid-19 continues to dominate our headlines and hamper our normal daily lives, one thing we know is we are all vulnerable. Sport is no different. Another victim of this deadly virus. But we now must find ways to live and adapt our lives with Covid-19.

While supporters and fans could not physically visit our national stadiums to cheer on our athletes and teams, sport has continued behind closed doors in a safe and professional manner. Although sporting bodies did not have fans safety to worry about this year, amidst a global pandemic they still had a massive task at ensuring the highest level of safety and functionality in our national stadiums for both staff and players.

Added Measures

The Aviva stadium, Dublin was one stadium that recognised while the Coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly reinforced the need to wash hands more frequently, sanitise areas before and after use and wear masks in indoor settings, they wanted to ensure both home and away players safety on and off the field. They expressed their concern that players needed additional safety precautions in the dressing rooms as well as engaging with standard protocols such as mask wearing and good hand hygiene.

We at SISKHealthcare felt we could offer a tailored solutions to their problem with a multitude of products on offer. With a wealth of experience in this field, we have been providing decontamination solutions to hospitals for over 25 years utilising best in class technologies. Our Viruskiller technology from Radic8 was the perfect product to satisfy the Aviva stadiums needs and a solution to their problem. We provided the Aviva Stadium with VK 401 devices in corporate boxes and VK 103s in the home and away changing rooms. With these devices clinically proven to kill 99.99% of all pathogens, viruses and bacteria, players and staff can breathe clean air all the time ensuring their safety.

Developed over 16 years, Radic8 Viruskiller sterilises dirty, toxic and sick air using innovative, certified technology, making it a market leading clean air purifier and decontamination device. With international standard certifications, Viruskiller technology can eliminate Coronavirus in a single air pass. With an Air purifier like Viruskiller technology, being in the dressing room never felt safer.

How does this Decontamination air purifier work?

As Air is taken into the units, passed through a series of HEPA and Carbon filters to remove bigger particles in the air, and from there passes through a patented UV-C reactor chamber to completely remove even the smallest airborne pathogen including Coronavirus - in a single air pass, resulting in a constant exchange of harmful air with sterilised, clean and healthy air.

At SISKHealthcare we believe our Viruskiller technology is the perfect solution tailored to any specific needs. Viruskiller technology is the perfect fit for the Aviva stadium as it ensures player and staff safety off the pitch while allowing sport to continue in a fully functional and professional environment on the pitch.

While our Viruskiller technology can't help on the field, we're there every step of the way in protecting our players off the field.

If you would like more information check out our range of products here or contact Brian or on (+353) 87 176 4466

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