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Why VirusKiller Technology is Needed in Schools

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As the Coronavirus global pandemic continues to catch headlines, we must find ways and means to adapt and function with this deadly virus.

While many business and verticals suffer closure, one sector that the government has highlighted is essential to remain open is the education sector. But how, in the middle of a global pandemic, can we ensure the highest level of safety and functionality in our schools for both students and staff?

The Coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly reinforced the need to wash hands frequently, sanitise, clean surfaces thoroughly, and engage in social distancing. However, to reduce the transmission risk of viruses and other airborne pathogens and air contaminants, we must take the quality of indoor air seriously.

The risk of breathing in Covid-19 is twenty times higher indoors, therefore ventilation is key to prevention.

Our learning environments should be safe, welcoming places for students to learn, teachers to teach, and staff to work. But like any space where people meet and spend time together, the quality of indoor air in our schools can suffer.

We at SISK Healthcare have been providing decontamination solutions to hospitals for over 25 years utilising best in class technologies. At the start of the pandemic we thoroughly researched the markets to find a technology to combat the fight against the virus.

We found Radic8, a VirusKiller technology that was developed and used during the SARS outbreak.

The technology has been recognised with international standard certifications, numerous patents and has been proven to destroy the widest range of pollutants including coronavirus - in a single air pass. So how does it work?

Air is taken into the units, passed through a series of HEPA and Carbon filters to remove bigger particles in the air, and from there passes through a patented UV-C reactor chamber to completely remove even the smallest airborne pathogen including Coronavirus - in a single air pass, resulting in a constant exchange of harmful air with sterilised, clean and healthy air. Impressive right? We thought so too which is why we added the technology to our extensive medical portfolio.

We found no other air technology that was able to provide three levels of air purification that VirusKiller technology provides. It’s truly unique. So where to from here?

The government have highlighted their compelling reasons for keeping schools open. Now we must do our utmost to ensure staff and student safety within those environments.

At SISK Healthcare we believe our VirusKiller technology is the perfect solution, ensuring safe, sterilised air quality for both staff and students.

If you would like more information check out our range of products here or contact Brian or on (+353) 87 176 4466

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