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M.E.D. Surgical Launches UVC Disinfection Robot.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Irelands first UVC robot kills Coronavirus and 99% of all pathogens on hard surfaces, ensuring clean and safe environment in FirstCare Nursing Homes.

Mary Lloyd, Director of Admissions at Firstcare highlights her reasons for choosing SteriPro

stating that Firstcare’s mission is to provide Safe Quality Care for all residents using evidence-based collaboration Mary states:

“During these unprecedented times, we want to be able to provide the safest environment possible for all our residents and for those who are visiting our homes. The SteriPro Robot uses the very latest decontamination technology. We want our residents and their families to be reassured that we are using the best available products to achieve the highest standards. We chose the SteriPro principally due to its use in several main hospitals in Ireland with evidence-based-supportive documentation. The robotic device is extremely safe to use and decontaminates rooms in minutes. It is moved from room to room very easily and training in its use is incredibly straightforward, it has ticked all the boxes for us.”

SteriPro is operated using a tablet or smartphone and automatically detects correct disinfection time by adapting to each room, guaranteeing hospital grade decontamination of that area.

Jason Murphy, Head of Maintenance at FirstCare gave first-hand insight to the struggles they are overcoming by implementing SteriPro into their manual cleaning process:

SteriPro is very efficient machine and very time efficient. You can do so many rooms within a day with it compared to previous machines we had that took too long. The SteriPro is by far the leading disinfection device’.

'SteriPro is a very important product for today’s market. This will not be the last Global Pandemic. We normally have a regular Flu season, and every 2-3 years we have a new viral strain. As a result, SteriPro will become a regularly utilised device to offer safe disinfection across many market segments’ said Bosco Harris, Sales Manager at M.E.D Surgical, Ireland.

The UV-C Disinfection Robot is currently available from M.E.D. Surgical. For more information contact Bosco Harris, Infection Prevention Sales Manager – 087 995 6693

Notes to editor:

The M.E.D. Surgical Critical Care & Infection Prevention Division represents numerous Medical Device companies which all have a combined mission to provide quality products to eliminate and reduce cross contamination in both patients and end users across the Hospital environment. Having represented leading manufacturers for over 20 years now, they continue to provide clinical education and new advancements in product design to all end users.

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